Massage Therapies
The Spa @ Bitter End Yacht Club North Sound, Virgin Gorda, British Virgin Islands.

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Enjoy the luxury of world-class spa services without ever leaving your private bungalow at the Bitter End. Select from any of the below offerings. Simply call the front desk to coordinate your services, then relax and unwind, Bitter End style.

Swedish Massage | Manipulations and movements to stimulate, relax or rehabilitate the body it relaxes tired muscles and improves circulation.
$65/110/145 USD
25/55/85 mins
Deep Tissue Massage | Firm Massage with deep penetrating pressure to release soft tissue adhesions, knots, stress accumulation and revert body's muscle to their natural suppleness.
$70/120/155 USD
25/55/85 mins
Couple's Massage | If you can't stand to be apart, enjoy an hour of relaxation together in our Massage room or anywhere for two. beach or anywhere for two.
$220 USD
55 mins
Sailor's Massage | BEYC signature treatment for sailing enthusiasts. A Combination of Swedish and Deep Tissue technique of Massage to relieve fatigue, tired, sore muscles and soft tissues specially designed for enthusiasts to heighten their sailing experience, using hot and cold stone.
$90 USD
45 mins
Massage Therapies